Why Texas will be Different!!!

When I wrote in September about why Ironman Chattanooga would be different I was trying to sell myself on this. I needed to convince myself I was able to get over those hurdles that caused me issues in Louisville and Texas.

I’m coming into Texas with a bit of a different attitude. I have this sense of now I belong here. In Chattanooga I became the Ironman I thought I should have been all along. I don’t pretend to think I have it all figured out. Anything can happen on race day but I understand  the basics and the mental challenges that most first timers don’t.

After Texas last year I had a lot of time to reflect on that event. I didn’t write about it because I was so deflated. Yes I was nursing a back issue but I was dealing with burnout.

I had a conversation in June with Todd. We talked about a lot of things that day. But he said a line to me that sticks with me to this day. “Sometimes we become content!”  You as someone who weren’t part of this conversation can take this several different ways.

For me it meant it’s okay that you didn’t reach your goal. You finished! You should be proud! But in life we sometimes become settled and don’t strive for improvement. If you want to be better you have to seek out ways to improve.

I reached out to other Ironman finishers and got tips. My training over the summer wasn’t any different. In fact I biked less. But I was learning. I needed to fix my nutrition. Because I did this IM Chattanooga was a success.

I wrote last month I was nursing a back issue. My training was a bit stuck in neutral. I wasn’t burned out at all. I had this fire in me to train more but I needed time to heal. It’s never good when you’re on the bike trainer with a heating bad on your back.

Shortly after that post I was able to get back to basics. I knew because of the weather I wouldn’t have much time on the bike outside anyway. I focused what I was good at. I ran a ton. I ran more this Ironman than I have for any other one that I have done before.

I have that fire!

For the last few weeks I have been itching to get down here. I have noticed I have a lot of pent up energy and I have been trying to contain it. Ray got a feel of what I had in the tank a few weeks back. :). I had the legs to go sub 6:30 (maybe 🙂 ) those last few miles but I was there for Ray not for my own accomplishments. A few other of my friends have seen glimpses of the energy as well.

I’m not content! I want to improve at Ironman. I am not pretending I can pull a sub 12:17 like I did in Chattanooga but you better believe I am going to try.

I will be conservative out there in the Swim and on the Bike. However, when I get to the run IT’S ON!!!!!!

Later today I will be posting my dedication. It won’t be a shock to anyone…

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