Race Day Strategy

With about 38 hours before the race I thought I would do a quick post on my race day strategy.

My ultimate goal is to just finish. I do have a few other goals that I need to keep to myself.


I am hoping/planning on swimming about a 1:30. This year I have completely changed my swim stroke. Denny Dean spent time with me in the pool and was a huge help. I appreciate it. I really just plan to take my time.


I am shooting to bike sub 7 hour’s. I plan to take my time and relax out there. For the first 40 miles it’s a tailwind and fairly flat. So don’t be fooled if my average is about 18-19 mph. Miles 60-80 are rolling hills with a headwind. I am working hard to save myself for the run.


I am planning on running a sub 5 hour marathon. Now those that know me closely may smirk at that goal. Yes I want to run much faster but based on my training overall I can’t expect to do much better than 5 hours. But I will try…..

I hope to finish in sub 13:30 hours.


My nutrition plan is fairly basic. I will post some pictures later.


3-4 Ensure Plus’, Oatmeal, Protein Shake

Hammer Endurolytes: 2 every hour from start to finish


Power Bar: 1 every hour on the bike

Hammer Perpetuem-2 bottles for each half of the bike

GU:1-2 on the bike only

I do plan to drink water and other liquids at water stops.


Bike Special Needs: Mile 55ish.

Campbell Soup and 1 Ensure Plus

Pick up more Power Bars and a bike tube if necessary.



Campbell Soup in T2 along with an Ensure

1 Campbell Soup at about mile 5

1 GU every 45-50 minutes

Salt every mile: Just a quick lick from Base

Ice down my back every mile. I will also eat chips/ food at water stops.


Run Special Needs: Lap 2 is my plan

1 Campbell Soup and 1 Ensure Plus

Carry one Soup with me for later in the race. Around mile 20.

Grab 3 more GU’s.

On course nutrition.


If you have any questions let me know.

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3 Responses to Race Day Strategy

  1. Gidget says:

    No wonder you lose so much weight doing the actual event! I’d like to say that I will have Campbell’s soup that day to support you but hmmm, hmmm, I can’t eat soup out of a can! I do wish you the best with the nutrition, I know that that is a difficult training piece to figure out!

  2. Sue Bruce (Olson) says:

    I’m fascinated by the details. Which flavor Campbell’s soup?

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