Ironman Texas!

Today I made the decision to sign-up for IMTX! Why? I was more concerned with regretting not signing up in time than regretting if I did.

Yesterday was Ironman Florida and today people sign-up for next years race. This race sells out in less than a minute. For those that don’t get in they are going to try to sign-up the day after Ironman Arizona which takes place on November 17th. Even though IM Texas is in May people start to get antsy if they haven’t signed up for a 2014 full distance event. I realized yesterday that IMTX will be sold out in a matter of weeks.

Per my friend Amanda, (her blog is here) she gave me the advice on when trying to decide things to make a list of positive and negatives. Here they are:


  • I would be able to keep my weight down in the winter.
  • I am turning 40 in September 2014.
  • I love Texas.
  • I would be training in the winter.
  • The focused training will keep me busy.
  • I get to see my friend Evan and his family for a few days.
  • I have plans to get leaner by eating healthier and this will help me to jump start it.


  • I am starting a new job tomorrow.
  • I may be purchasing a new house in 2014.
  • Winter means not a much outdoor bike training as I would like.


  • Early morning training
  • More weight training

As you can see from the list the positives far out weigh the negatives. It all comes down to managing my time wisely. I do find that I am around a bit more in the winter so I do have more time to train. With me turning 40 next year I want to celebrate it all year. Kicking it off with a May Ironman is just the way to do it.

Per my post IM Texas? at the end of September I was very much on the fence about doing this. So why in the end did I decide to sign-up? This is the lifestyle I signed up for. This is something I embrace. I know I am up for a challenge and looking forward to doing two next year.

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2 Responses to Ironman Texas!

  1. Good luck & kick some ass! I know you will!!!!

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