M-Dot Tattoo

I always knew someday I would get the M-Dot Tattoo after I completed Ironman. To me M-Dot is similar to fraternity letters. You never wear the colors or letters until you earned them. Once you earn them you can wear them for life. I earned mine on August 25th, 2013.

At Ironman Louisville I saw a few hundred with the M-Dot Tattoo. Everyone wears it proudly. When you’re at these types of events people get immediate respect for having completed the full distance. I think in everyday life not everyone knows what the M-Dot means. That’s ok. When people ask I am glad to share.

I decided to get my tattoo on my calf. I really wanted it to be large. It’s not so much as an ego thing but I did it for accountability. By having it in a place where everyone can see in the summer I am telling people I will stay in shape and wear it proudly. I may add to it someday.

I have seen several people do something unique to it. I am interested in putting a 140.6 under my current tattoo. Each Ironman has unique logo and I am interested in getting a tattoo of the logos for the one’s that I have done.  I think I would wait until I finish 4 or 5 full distances races before I do that.


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