Current and Future Topics

I decided to write after having all these thoughts and topics in my head that I want to share. I want to share different experiences that have happened in my life and how you can possibly learn from them. I have made plenty of mistakes over the years and willing to admit them.

A lot of my initial experiences I want to share is related to exercising and staying active. I really think by staying active I have been much more positive about myself. I feel we have chapters in our lives. Some last only a few years while others last several. The current chapter in my life which I will write several topics about is exercising and staying active. I know the next chapter in my life will be Chasing My Dream Life…

Current Topics:

  1. 2018 -The Year to Get Lean and Fast Again- Hiring a Coach!
  2. Cars vs Bikes
  3. IMTX and IMLP Recap
  4. Ironman
  5. My First Marathon Training
  6. Cross Training
  7. Triathlon Training
  8. Why Ironman?
  9. Ironman Louisville
  10. My Next Ironman
  11. It’s Not an Obsession. It’s a Lifestyle!
  12. My Bucket List (This will be an ongoing list)
  13. Dedication
  14. IMTexas?
  15. M-Dot Tattoo
  16. Ironman Texas!
  17. Are you an A, B, or a C?
  18. Off-Season Training
  19. Being Anal Is A Positive!
  20. 2014 Race Schedule
  21. Kona
  22. Career
  23. Success Is A Choice
  24. New Haven Road Race-20K (9-1-2014)
  25. Reach The Beach 2014
  26. Why IMCHOO Will Be Different!
  27. IMChoo Dedication
  28. Ironman Chattanooga Recap
  29. Are you an A, B, or a C?
  30. 2015: The Year I Will Be Fighting A Back Injury
  31. Race Day Strategy
  32. Ironman Texas Dedication
  33. All in for 2016!….. 3 Full Ironmen!
  34. Reach The Beach 2015
  35. IMTX 2016

Future Topics:

  1. Setting yearly goals
  2. Lance Armstrong
  3. Vacationing
  4. Losing weight
  5. Podcast’s

These aren’t in order and may throw a few other topics as well but this is a general idea of what I want to talk about.

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